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# TouchSMS Notification Channel

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📲 TouchSMS (opens new window) Notifications Channel for Laravel

# Contents

# Installation

composer require laravel-notification-channels/touch-sms

Add the configuration to your services.php config file:

'touchsms' => [
    'token_id' => env('TOUCHSMS_TOKEN_ID'),
    'access_token' => env('TOUCHSMS_ACCESS_TOKEN'),
    'default_sender' => env('TOUCHSMS_DEFAULT_SENDER', null),

# Setting up the TouchSms service

You'll need a TouchSMS account. Head over to their website (opens new window) and create or login to your account.

Head to Settings and then API keys in the sidebar to generate a set of API keys.

# Usage

You can use the channel in your via() method inside the notification:

use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;
use \NotificationChannels\TouchSms\TouchSmsMessage;
use \NotificationChannels\TouchSms\TouchSmsChannel;

class AccountApproved extends Notification
    public function via($notifiable)
        return [TouchSmsChannel::class];

    public function toTouchsms($notifiable)
        return (new TouchSmsMessage)
            ->content("Task #{$notifiable->id} is complete!");

In your notifiable model, make sure to include a routeNotificationForTouchsms() method, which returns an australian or new zeland phone number in the international format.

public function routeNotificationForTouchsms()
    return $this->phone; // 6142345678

# Available methods

sender(): Sets the sender's name or phone number.

content(): Set a content of the notification message.

reference(): Set the SMS reference code (included with replies/delivery receipt callbacks)

# Changelog

Please see CHANGELOG (opens new window) for more information what has changed recently.

# Testing

$ composer test

# Security

If you discover any security related issues, please email support@touchsms.com.au instead of using the issue tracker.

# Contributing

Please see CONTRIBUTING (opens new window) for details.

# Credits

# License

The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File (opens new window) for more information.